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Their planes fly to airports all over the world. We gave them a time-machine.

We’ve positioned Airbus as the undisputed leader in innovation, perceived as a visionary and owning the future of aviation. We’ve done this by developing concepts about how we might fly in future – including launching an augmented reality concept plane at Farnborough Air Show and stealing global headlines from Boeing’s Dreamliner to views on formation […]

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They worked tirelessly to lower salt and reduce the calories in their food. It’s what they fattened up that may surprise you.

Subway are proud of the positive economic impact they have on the UK economy. In 2013, we helped SUBWAY® franchisees win the hearts and minds of the media, the Government and consumers with a game-changing communications strategy designed to expound the brand’s retail footprint, commitments to public health and SME network. This year, we took […]

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How to be on top of your game. Get help from a company that’s now on top of theirs.

So what does BSI do? Don’t know? Therein lies our task. BSI’s business is to enable others to perform better by raising standards and making excellence a habit. Unfortunately few understood this. That’s why we were tasked with targeting board level audiences to raise the organisation’s profile. We began with a major research project to […]

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Who said kids should be seen and not heard?

Changing a young person’s life forever starts with one voice. Their own. We helped them find it. In November 2013 we launched Step Up To Serve, an independent campaign to double the amount of young people taking part in social action by 2020. Unveiled at Buckingham Palace with HRH The Prince of Wales, the Prime […]

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From The Proms to Peter Blake and ballet to tennis. Harry’s not the only Royal to rebel.

The Royal Albert Hall is a world class entertainment venue of cultural and historic significance. But how relevant is it to young people?  Our challenge was to raise its profile. That meant shifting perceptions to help bring in a new and younger audience. We started with a strategic media engagement programme to boost awareness of […]

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Water, grain, hops and yeast. Creating a good beer is easy, right?

For 171 years Pilsner Urquell has been made in the same brewery with the finest Czech ingredients. It’s a good beer, a great beer, but it’s all for nothing if the brand isn’t kept alive. That’s our job and where the hard work really begins. As global hub, our newsroom team creates content and drives […]

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